BioCompact® R Series


The BioCompact® R series is an affordable solution for wastewater treatment on marine vessels as well as townships, hotels, small communities, hospitals, prisons, and resorts.

Modified BioCompact® R units for less than 600 people can be used on land when a below-ground system is impossible (e.g. permafrost regions).

Unique Features

  • The R series is available for up to 1000 people, with optional screening and grit removal
  • Long history of successful operation throughout the world
  • Automated monitoring via Internet (on land)
  • Autolysis in the sludge chamber, minimizing the need for sludge removal
  • Can be shipped to remote locations; concrete tanks are unnecessary
  • Durable steel construction
  • Electronically determined aeration (power use depends on the actual load in the system)
  • Modularity allows growth within the community
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Superior treatment quality
  • Automatic effluent disinfection (optional)

More Details

Technical Data

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