Details — BioCompact® S and L Series

The BioCompact® S series (picture of BioCompact® S20 and picture of BioCompact® S600) provides a compact, built-in wastewater treatment solution for small and large ships (from 5 to 1,000 people). On the other hand, the BioCompact® L series provides an above-ground solution for populations between 600 and 1,000 people. Both the S and L series are fully contained steel units and require minimal assembly. They also use a scaled-down version of the activated sludge process used by large municipal treatment plants.

The BioCompact® S series carries a long history, with more than 1,000 units sold since 1980.  The following organizations have approved the BioCompact® S series for treating wastewater:

  • the US Coast Guard,
  • the German See-Berufsgenossenschaft,
  • the Marine Division of the British Department of Trade,
  • the Danish Søfartsstyrelsen,
  • the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (when Russia was known as the USSR),
  • the Chinese Register of Shipping,
  • the Finnish Board of Navigation,
  • the National Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation,
  • the Polish Rejestr Statków,
  • and the International Marine Organization (IMO).

By comparison, the L-Series is an adaptation of the S-Series for use on land.

BioCompact® units are simple, relatively maintenance-free, and operate under the ControLogic™ system. This system provides instant access to performance data allowing spot checks of treatment efficiency, pH balance, aeration efficiency, and temperature.