About us

Biocompact Ltd. was founded in November 2001 as a spin-off company of OSORNO. The founders of OSORNO had a long-standing working relationship with Apparatebau Salzkotten GmbH, the German corporation that developed the initial design of the BioCompact® wastewater treatment system, and eventually purchased the BioCompact-related assets of Apparatebau Salzkotten, which ended more than 25 years of proud BioCompact® history in the small Westphalian town of Salzkotten effective December 31, 2001.

As we begin the production of the new BioCompact® systems with the MADE IN CANADA label, we can look back at our contribution to this product line over the past years: the introduction of “intelligent” electronic controls with on-demand treatment capability, the remote monitoring, the Internet access option as our newest improvement, and the safe, electronically controlled disinfection of the treated effluent with chlorine dioxide (optional).

We listen to you, our customer or prospective customer, and we serve your needs. Please let us know how we can serve you better.