BioCompact® C Series

For use in:

  • Townships
  • Smaller communities
  • Hotels
  • Lakeshore properties
  • Resorts
  • New developments

Tanks are made out of concrete.  Systems are modular — view the population chart.

Unique Features

  • BioCompact® C is available for populations of 500 – 5,000 people
  • The treatment tank is a compact installation made from cast-in-place reinforced concrete
  • Automated monitoring
  • Autolysis in the sludge chamber, minimizing the need for sludge removal (oxidative sludge stabilization is optional)
  • Electronically determined aeration (power use depends on the actual load in the system)
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Superior treatment quality
  • Automatic effluent disinfection (optional)
  • Screening protects the treatment plant from larger objects (optional)

More Details

Technical Data

Download C series brochure