Details — BioCompact® C Series

The BioCompact® C wastewater treatment systems (picture of BioCompact C) can handle sewage for populations of up to 5,000 people, depending on the model. They use a scaled-down version of the activated sludge process used by large municipal wastewater treatment plants as a step-up from container-style packaged wastewater treatment plants.

The BioCompact® C series models are open in-ground concrete basins. In northern climates, the basins are covered, and have access manholes at ground level.  Backfill surrounds and supports the unit. As an in-ground installation, these units typically do not require insulation, but this depends on climate conditions. Wastewater flows via gravity, but certain topographical conditions may necessitate external pumps.

BioCompact® units are simple, relatively maintenance-free, and operate under the ControLogic™ system. This system provides instant access to performance data, allowing spot checks of treatment efficiency, pH balance, aeration efficiency, and temperature.