Details — BioCompact® A Series

The BioCompact® A units are wastewater treatment systems designed to handle sewage from populations of up to 200 people, depending on the model (models A4 – A200,  picture of a BioCompact® A4 ). They are scaled-down versions of the activated sludge process used by state-of-the-art large municipal wastewater treatment plants. The BioCompact® A series models are cylindrical tanks designed for in-ground installation. The main body of the tank is below ground, and has a hinged lid with an access manhole (diameter of 1.5 m for all models), at ground level. The installed and levelled unit is supported and surrounded by backfill sand. As an in-ground installation, the BioCompact® A units typically do not require insulation against heat or cold, depending on climate conditions. The wastewater flow is by gravity, but certain topographical conditions may require external pumps.

The outside of the BioCompact® A units has a thick bitumen coating that protects against ground water corrosion, and also from any incidental damage from the backfill material during installation. For ease of handling during transport, the bitumen layer is covered with a thin coating of lime chalk, hence the white colour of the outside.

In an extended community, several BioCompact® A units can be strategically placed in order to meet the total wastewater treatment needs of the residents.

The BioCompact® units are simple, relatively maintenance-free and operate under the ControLogic™ system that allows for instantaneous automatic monitoring of the unit’s performance. The ControLogic™ electronic monitoring device provides instant access to BioCompact® performance data allowing spot checks of treatment efficiency, pH balance, aeration efficiencies and temperature readings.

Technical data