Details — BioCompact® K and M Series

The BioCompact® K and M units (picture) are wastewater treatment systems designed to handle sewage from populations of up to 400 people (K series), and 500 people for the military version (M500). These systems are a scaled-down version of the activated sludge process used by state-of-the-art large municipal wastewater treatment plants. It is an above-ground installation that can be insulated against heat or cold, depending on climate conditions. The wastewater flow is by gravity, but certain topographical conditions may require external pumps.

The BioCompact® units are simple, relatively maintenance-free and operate under the ControLogic™ system that allows for instantaneous automatic monitoring of the unit’s performance. The ControLogic™ electronic monitoring device provides instant access to BioCompact® performance data allowing spot checks of treatment efficiency, pH balance, aeration efficiencies and temperature readings.

The BioCompact® K250 wastewater treatment systems have been installed extensively throughout former East Germany since the early 1990′s. Based on this successful concept, the more modern types K200, K400, and M500 were developed, within the framework of the standard ISO shipping container dimensions (ISO HQ dimensions).