All BioCompact® models are complete biological sewage treatment systems that achieve full biological treatment of sewage. This is accomplished in a downsized version of the “activated sludge process” used in advanced, large municipal wastewater treatment plants. Unlike septic tanks, the sewage undergoes a complete treatment cycle. Extensive testing has shown that the discharge complies with the strict German Environmental regulations (DIN 4261, Section 2, Small Wastewater Treatment Plants).

The routine testing performed on the first installation in the USA confirms that the BOD reduction and the TSS level of the discharge comply with the “Ten States Standard”. The BioCompact® is the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment of lakeshore properties, clusters of homes, small communities, parks, country clubs, and trailer parks. The BioCompact® is not designed for industrial or hazardous waste, solid food, rubber and plastic, or motor oil.

The continually outstanding performance of the BioCompact® is maintained by ControLogic™, an electronic monitoring technology that is available only through OSORNO and its licensees. Our company also has the world-wide exclusive license to this control equipment for application to “package” wastewater treatment plants. ControLogic™ assures that the treatment process self-adapts to changing loads and flow conditions, optimising its performance as one would expect in a full-scale, state-of-the-art municipal treatment plant. Aside from the control and monitoring functions of ControLogic™, it also allows remote data access through a telephone line. This feature indicates that these systems are ready for the Internet age. All systems delivered after the third quarter of 2001 are equipped as “Internet Ready”.