BioCompact® R Series


The BioCompact® R series (modified BioCompact® LS series) is an affordable solution for wastewater treatment on marine vessels as well as townships, hotels, small communities, hospitals, prisons, and resorts. BioCompact® R can process and treat from 2,000 l to 200,000 l of sewage per day. This process includes not only primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment, but also disinfection of treated effluent.

BioCompact® R units have treatment capacity for up to 600 people (350 l/person/day) can be used on land when a below-ground system is impossible (e.g. permafrost regions). BioCompact® R wastewater treatment system is extremely robust, simple in operation and reliable because it does not have internal mechanical components. All mechanical components are located outside. All water flows and sludge circulation are done by air-lift process.

Unique Features

  • The R series is available for up to 600 people, with optional screening and grit removal
  • Long history of successful operation throughout the world
  • Fully automated with Intelligent electronic control
  • Advanced SCADA visualisation (touch screen PC) with alarm messaging via e-mail and SMS
  • 24/7 remote monitoring via Internet (on land)
  • Requires minimum operator attention
  • Autolysis in the sludge chamber, minimizing the need for sludge removal
  • Can be shipped to remote locations; concrete tanks are unnecessary
  • Durable steel construction
  • Electronically determined aeration (power use depends on the actual load in the system)
  • Modularity allows growth within the community
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Superior treatment quality (primary, secondary and tertiary treatment)
  • Automatic effluent disinfection (optional chemical or UV irradiation)

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Technical Data

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