Details — BioCompact® P Series

The BioCompact® P series of models are plastic wastewater treatment systems that can handle the sewage of up to 12 people, depending on the model. They use a fixed-bed treatment system in combination with an activated sludge process.

The BioCompact® P series models are cylindrical tanks. The main body of the tank is below ground and has a manhole at ground level. Supplementary sand/soil supports the BioCompact® unit.  As an in-ground installation, BioCompact® P units typically do not require insulation, but this depends on climate conditions. Wastewater flows by gravity, but certain topographical conditions may necessitate external pumps.

BioCompact® P units are easy to transport and easy to maintain. They were developed by the German companies Inno-Tec and BlueVita and comply with strict wastewater treatment standards.

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