The unit is placed on the bottom of the excavated hole and than backfilled with a sand or soil (installation of a BioCompact® P). After connecting the BioCompact® to the influent and effluent pipes, and to a source of electrical power, the system is ready for operation.

The aeration blower should be located in very close proximity to the unit, and installed in a small protective box, or in an adjacent building. The control box should also be located in a place which is easily accessible.


Type Capacity d (m) h (m) V (L) weight (kg)
P04 Population: 4 2.50 2.40 5,800 435
P06 Population: 6 2.50 2.40 5,800 440
P08 Population: 8 2.50 2.40 6,800 445
P10 Population: 10 2.50 2.65 6,900 420
P12 Population: 12 2.50 2.90 8,000 485


Ordinary maintenance includes a regular check of the concentration of activated sludge. Sand, digested excess sludge, and non-degradable items (fibrous materials, plastic, rubber items, etc.) accumulate over time and must be removed periodically. The frequency of discarding the described waste depends largely on the influent wastewater quality, and thus on the habits of the population connected to the treatment system.